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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Meghan Gayler

Fifteen year old Meghan Gayler only discovered her allergy to peanuts last year after going into anaphylactic shock from eating a Chinese with friends. Here, she describes how it felt.

Most people find out they have an allergy in the first couple of years of their life, however I discovered mine last summer at the age of 15.

It began last summer during our end of Mock exam celebrations with friends. We had decided to order a Chinese to enjoy all together but it certainly wasn't enjoyable after a couple of minutes into the food. I decided to try Satay sauce as I had never tried it before and wanted to see if I’d like it.

I put a piece of Chicken covered in Satay sauce onto my plate and licked my finger as I got sauce on my finger. This was the first sign. My lips were tingling like mad and my throat and mouth were filled with an itching sensation that even water couldn't take away. I decided to carry on eating the food, but within an hour, full anaphylaxis had taken its toll. I was experiencing wheezing, hives, watery eyes, difficulty breathing and felt very anxious, something I had never experienced before. Soon after this, the breathing got worse and an ambulance was called. Nothing had ever happened like this before hence I had no EpiPen on hand. After 2 shots of adrenaline and a nebuliser helping with the breathing, the reaction finally calmed down.

After going through the awful experience of anaphylactic shock last year I have now discovered through allergy testing that I suffer from a severe allergy to peanuts that I had unbelievably coped with for 15 years. I now understand how serious allergies need to be taken as I’d hate for more people to go through the horrible experience of anaphylaxis. It has changed the life I live as going out to eat can feel as if the waiters think I’m being awkward but I’m certain it wouldn't be a pretty sight if they misunderstood. Even if I can't enjoy some of my favourite snacks anymore, better safe than sorry!

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