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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Graphic Design Student brings allergy into the modern consciousness with stunning allergy magazine

Daniel Kelly, a Graphic Design student from the University of Huddersfield, has created an innovative booklet and magazine that aims to raise awareness around anaphylaxis and bring it into the modern consciousness.

Daniel said, “I hope that people understand what living with an allergy really entails and more importantly how to act in a life-threatening situation. The magazine and booklet pushes the boundaries and takes the adrenaline auto-injector out of context in a visually exciting way that’s not been seen more before.  I hope this will engage people and raise awareness around anaphylaxis.”

Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that can be life threatening. Although fatalities have remained consistent, at around 20 per year, this is still a tragic number dying from a preventable cause. Those most at risk from a fatal reaction are aged between 16-25 years old.

Anaphylaxis Campaign CEO, Lynne Regent said, “We really support the work Daniel is doing in raising awareness of allergy among young people. They are a particularly at risk group so this is a really important issue Daniel is addressing.”
Daniel started this project as a result of his university degree, however the project also took on a very personal agenda for him too.

“I have lived with a severe nut allergy for over 17 years now, yet I still find that people do not understand how severe having a food allergy is. When I speak to friends about my allergy they are always curious and interested. This sparked the beginning of my project, which would later have real personal meaning.”

In a recent survey carried out by the Anaphylaxis Campaign it was found that 44% of the 520+ respondents ages 15-25, didn’t always carry their Adrenaline Auto Injectors (or AAIs).

The social stigmatisation of carrying an AAI and the extreme pressures on teenagers to ‘fit-in’ and seem ‘normal’ can lead to not carrying their medication with them at all times, a risky and potentially life-threatening action. Daniel’s project seeks to change this.
I found out last week that my best friend’s brother had been diagnosed with a severe nut allergy. As a result, he unfortunately felt secluded because of having to carry an [AAI] for the rest of his life. I would like to attempt to take away this stigma associated around having an allergy. My response to this is to produce something that is going to engage with my audience in a new and exciting way. Making people more aware of what it is like living with an allergy, and how you can integrate it into your everyday life.”

But this was not just any project for Daniel, he even contacted award-winning designer, David Swann, who guided Daniel on how to approach his project and offered invaluable advice.

Daniel also conducted a study at his university, to find out if people knew who to use an AAI.

My findings showed that a lot of students did not know what an Epi-pen was and were unsure on how to use it. People initially thought you stabbed the Epi-Pen into the neck. This is the wrong information that is perceived. My goal is hopefully making people aware of the correct way to use the Epi-Pen.”

Daniel came up with the idea back in September 2014, and took him a month and a half to complete. It will be presented to the public on 12th June at Huddersfield University’s 2015 Graduation Show, in Huddersfield. If you would like to attend it will be held in Huddersfield University's Creative Art Building from 7pm Friday 12th June. 

One student said of the magazine, “The contemporary nature to Daniel Kelly’s designs allow a younger audience, such as myself, to understand the dangers associated with having an allergy, and how to reduce the risk of a reaction occurring. I feel the design response Dan has developed makes the subject of allergies more approachable and visually appealing.”

Daniel also ensured that his magazine was as medically correct as possible and sort help from allergy experts, including the Anaphylaxis Campaign, who he’s been a member of for many years.

“I have been with the Anaphylaxis campaign for over 17 years they have helped and supported me, proving free workshops and events. They have given me the chance to meet people my own age with food allergies. I also got the opportunity to go on a trip to Lake District, on an action packed five days where I entailed on lots of different activities, when I was thirteen. The Anaphylaxis Campaign not only support people with allergies like myself but have a real impact in giving me the tools and information to handle my nut allergy.”

You can view Daniel’s mini booklet and magazine here:

Mini Booklet -

Magazine -


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