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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Travelling with allergies part 11: Working 9 til 5...

"Hello strangers!
Knock knock!
So you might all be wondering what I've been up to in the past few weeks...well to sum it up briefly I've knocked on over 3000 Australian doors!

Short on cash, I managed to find a job working for a solar company is Brisbane and my job has been quite simply to .knock on doors in certain areas and book 'consultations' with homeowners for an expert to chat to them about installing solar panels on their home.

I've worked 5 to 6 days a week for about 4 hours each day on a commission basis. For every appointment made I received $50 so the money soon started stacking up!

Each day we would have lunch in the park, with me eating homemade ham and mustard sandwiches which were easy to make and gave me enough energy for a good solid 4 hour knock-a-thon. Breakfast has mainly consisted of having a large bowl of porridge each morning in an attempt to remind my body that although it's over 30 degrees here most days, it is in fact Febuary and I should be eating warming winter foods!

The relentless heat does have its downsides however, as it's required me to ensure my adrenaline cooling pouch is always in good condition and to keep my auto-injectors cool while out and about. Every couple of nights I put it in a sink with water and leave for a few minutes...seems to do the job and isn't too much hassle at all. 

Cooking in the hostel I'm staying in has been pretty easy, I just cook meals I feel like and that are easy to make. A favourite is chilli-con-carne - partly because I can cook it and partly because there is enough for another cheeky night's dinner so saves me having to cook again! The hostel kitchen is cleaned daily but I do always wash my own pans before using them even if they look clean as people cook eggs and all sorts of things in the pots and I don't always trust them 100% to do the best job of cleaning them up.

Although you may still be laughing at the fact I'm currently a professional door knocker (and yes, I never thought I'd be one either!), it's given me money which I could only dream of getting in 4 weeks. I've been with a great team of 11 people in my van and you all become good friends when you spend 6 days a week together. I have also visited many different areas giving me a great opportunity to experience the real Australian neighbourhoods along with meeting some very interesting people...and noisy dogs!

Ooooh London!
My friend Jake will be arriving pale skinned from the UK in a few days time. Soon it will be more play than work again as we will be making our way down the coast towards Melbourne stopping along the journey, so check back soon for exciting pictures and updates including me jumping out of a plane...Eeeeeek!

Until then...

Stephen :)"